Video Mix: Music, Activism, Travel, and a TV proposal


Heavy Cream – Watusi
This band on Infinity Cat Recordings from Nashville has some awesome lady vocals with strong beats and lyrics too. Playing in SF on Friday 11/9 at the Rickshaw Stop with Those Darlins and Pangea.


This Is Personal – Your Reproductive Health is No Joke
Famous people reading and reacting to the most ridiculous quotes from politicians on rape. “Here’s the bottom line: these issues are personal, and women need to know just how extreme the opponents to reproductive health care are.”

Pick Me Up

Parks and Rec SPOILER! …but if you don’t already know it’s kind of your fault, you need to watch it.
Parks and Rec proposal, just makes me so happy…


Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Receipient Interview
Interview I did with Tai Jaranson, who recently won a scholarship from Go Overseas to help fun her upcoming trip to Tanzania. Even though I wish I had more time as well as better equipment and software it’s fun to see her enthusiasm and hear about what she’s going through. Watch Tai talk about her motivations for her trip to volunteer in Tanzania.

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