Visiting Clear Lake

A few weeks ago, I visited Clear Lake for the first time. We stayed at an awesome house in Lucerne, Lake County. The sunset views were definitely the highlight of the trip for me. The views all day and night were amazing though.

Although the first weekend of November wasn’t the best time to be at the lake, there was still plenty to keep us busy. Past summer and well into fall, no one was renting boats at the lake so we couldn’t go kayaking or canoeing as hoped. Most other people we saw were locals or retired couples who come up in the off-season. We did have several free wine tasting coupons though so after eating deli sandwiches next to the lake, we headed to the nearest winery. Definitely enjoyed the tastings at Ceago Winery but the views were the best part. It’s beautifully landscaped garden went right up to a pier where we walked out to enjoy the views of the lake. There were plenty of fish swimming beneath us, as they regularly stock the lake for fishing. The Brassfield Estate Winery, though not right on the water, had impressive views and a beautiful building. Almost like an old castle, tasting at Brassfield was great. We even bought a bottle to enjoy outside on their picnic benches.

After wine tasting we made it back in time to grill on the balcony and watch the sunset. Though less eventful than most trips to the lake, it was a beautiful place and I’m glad I got to see it.

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